Spring Migration in Eastern Ontario

Believe it or not, but we are only 4-5 weeks away from the usual arrival time of our first springtime migrants here in eastern Ontario! The passage of a warm air mass in late-February usually coincides with the arrival of blackbirds, such as Red-winged Blackbird and Common Grackle. If the front is significant, thousands of male Red-winged’s may push north to Lake Ontario at this time. “Prairie” Horned Larks begin to arrive and perform display flights. Ring-billed Gulls are spotted hanging around in McDonald’s parking lots, keeping an eye out for french fries. So, all this to say, hang in there and try to enjoy various winter activities in the meantime (but bundle up…it’s like the High Arctic out there right now!) Winter is tough, but the light at the end of the tunnel is already getting brighter.

Have a great weekend 

Photo: “Prairie” (praticola) Horned Lark. Rushmore Road, Ottawa, Ontario. Late-winter 2018.