COVID-19 & EOB’s approach to tours

Hi everyone,

I will be continuing on with Field Trips, however, a few changes will be taking place in order to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

  • Please consider if you, the participant, are High Risk. If you are High Risk, I ask that you refrain from participation on tours.
  • If you, the participant, have a cold, a cough, a flu etc, or, are just getting over an illness, I recommend that you take a pass on tours until you are fully healed.
  • I will be outfitted with a group-sized stock of sanitizing wipes and hand-sanitizing products.
  • For all tours, I ask that you pack your own food and drink (including lunches).
  • I strongly recommend electronic payment methods (e-transfer) vs. paying by cash.
  • Moving forward, I will be discouraging carpooling. I recommend that each participant (or, participants) must drive to-and-from tours in their own vehicle. This could, of course, mean a group of you in your own vehicle.
  • Each participant/each vehicle will be given a Walkie-Talkie, which will have been wiped down with an anti-bacterial wipe ahead of each tour, and placed in its own ziploc bag. At the end of each tour, I ask that you wipe the walkie down then place it back in its ziploc.
  • Please pack, and use, your own camera gear and optical equipment (this includes scopes).

A reminder that the GREAT OUTDOORS is our refuge! Amidst all of this chaos, we all still need to take care of our well-being and tend to our basic needs. Outdoors-people quite literally NEED the fresh air to recharge, for example. If we, Eastern Ontario Birders, take the above precautions (and any others you may have in mind, yourself) I see no reason why we can’t continue to enjoy birding 🙂

Wishing you a clear mind and a steady heart in the coming days and weeks,

Jon Ruddy
Eastern Ontario Birding