St. Lawrence River: Eurasian Wigeons

Today (17 October 2016) I tallied three Eurasian Wigeons while birding the Upper Canada Region of the St. Lawrence River. I observed a richly-toned female/first cycle male at Farran Park and two drakes ( adult male and immature male(?) ) just off Long Sault Parkway, at the N end of Woodlands Campsite. Below are photos:


Photo: Adult female/first cycle male Eurasian Wigeon. Note the rich, concolorous reddish wash throughout its entire body. The head is slightly darker than the flanks. This bird stood out like a sore thumb; it was like a “rufous-morph” wigeon.


Photo: Two drake Eurasian Wigeons. I was thrilled to get them both in the same frame. I believe the male at left is an immature male entering its first alternate plumage but, a different viewpoint could be its an adult male transitioning from eclipse to definitive alternate. I was not able to study the bird too closely (distance) and the lighting made it difficult to discern detail. In any case, two drake Eurasian Wigeons in the same frame in eastern Ontario; I’m happy!