Nature’s Birdbath

By late May, midday temperatures generally will have risen quite a bit, and the demand for fluids follows suit; birds need to drink often throughout the day. While walking along your favourite trail or while birding your preferred ‘patch,’ it’s a good idea to develop a mental map of the locations of mud puddles, streams and ponds. When visiting these areas, be sure to approach quietly and slowly, and if possible, keep well back and concealed by vegetation. It often takes a few minutes before seeing a bird appear (or reappear) so I often pack a tiny fold-out stool for waterside-watching occasions: a good time to sit down, have a snack and some fluids ready one’s camera for some intimate views of beautiful birds such as this lovely Swainson’s Thrush

Photo: Swainson’s Thrush. Shirleys Bay area, Ottawa, ON. May 2016.