Gulls at the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre

Hi there,

Today (November 23) from 1020 h to 1300 h, I gull-watched at the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre in Renfrew County. 6 species of gull including: Iceland (4 kumlieni ), Glaucous (1), Lesser Black-backed (1). I also observed and photographed a first cycle “Nelson’s” Gull. One of the Iceland Gulls (2nd cycle) was extremely petite (seemingly marginally larger than adjacent Ring-billed and smaller and much daintier than adjacent Herring). It was ghostly-white and had extensive white to the primaries. I would be interested in receiving feedback on whether or not this gull is safely separable from nominate glaucoides. Surely it’s a female given its size and delicate appearance. In any case, a lovely bird. Full eBird checklist:

080 (1024x768)

Putative first cycle “Nelson’s” (Glaucous x Herring) Gull

072 (1024x768)

Putative first cycle “Nelson’s” (Glaucous x Herring) Gull

049 (800x410)

First cycle kumlieni

046 (1024x579)

Second cycle kumlieni

045 (1024x644)

Second cycle kumlieni (same bird as above)

020 (800x483)

Juvenile Glaucous

018 (1024x571)

Juvenile Glaucous

082 (800x370)

Lesser Black-backed (juv-first cycle) at centre (poor quality = long distance pic).

034 (1024x717)

First cycle Herring Gull

031 (800x491)

First cycle Herring Gull


An Interesting Iceland Gull….

088 (800x422)

087 (800x463)

060 (800x582)

059 (800x550)

054 (800x492)

051 (712x800)

041 (800x497)

038 (800x523)

Gulls = a fun and challenging identification frontier! 🙂